New A&P Tab modernizations coming to VelociDoc®

We are excited to announce our A&P tab will be going through a bit of a modernization overhaul. In doing so, users will notice a sleek, modernized look, a better flow and clean functionality all...

Urgent Care Coding for CT Scanning Services

Question: I plan to purchase Computed Tomographic (CT) scanners and start providing scanning services.  I already offer x-ray services. Are there certain equipment requirements that I should be aware...

Prolonged Services Coding for Urgent Care

Coding for patient time: Information on the new prolonged services CPT codes in urgent care.

Coding for Urgent Care: Ignore it and You Won't Get Paid

If you ignore coding for urgent care, you can not expect to be profitable and successful. You must code for urgent care services or you will not get paid for them.

Coding an E/M with a Procedure

This page is expanded from a column by David Stern, MD, CPC in the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, January 2007

Few Practices Using Computer-Assisted Coding

Over 39% of medical offices and institutions are finding a very difficult or extremely difficult time finding coders—so says a survey conducted in May by the American Health Information Management...

ICD-9 Coding in the Urgent Care Center

Question: Recently, we received the following question about urgent care ICD-9 coding. A nursing supervisor through our parent hospital is questioning the ability of an MA to legally write in ICD-9...


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