It’s a Win-Win for Healthcare as Hospital Systems Acquire Urgent Care Centers

Hospital chains and insurance companies making moves to integrate urgent care centers in a rash of recent mergers and acquisitions, a new Wall Street Journal report says.

24-hour Access: How Urgent Care Centers Can ‘Be There’ When No One Else Is

As the number of urgent care centers grows, and operators continue to position the facilities as affordable alternatives to emergency rooms, some clinicians are offering 24-hour access to urgent...

Veterans Day Offers Outreach Opportunity at Urgent Care Centers

This Veterans Day, urgent care centers should consider reaching out to the more than 21 million veterans across the country.

Online X-ray Database First of Its Kind for Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers can now tap into a online X-ray database for easy, point-of-care X-ray comparison and reference to images of pathology frequently encountered in the urgent care setting. The...

Urgent Care Centers Offer Halloween Safety Services

Practice Velocity customer Iberia Urgent Care in New Iberia, La., is tapping in to a timely service bringing Halloween safety to the community.

Urgent Care Centers Prep for Possible Ebola Cases

Centers across the country are taking steps to prepare for possible Ebola in urgent care.

Urgent Care Centers Can Promote National Influenza Vaccination Week, Going on Now

National Influenza Vaccination Week, December 8-14 is upon us, and it’s a great time to spread the word on how to avoid spreading the flu. Urgent care centers across the nation are already taking...

Practice Velocity® Urgent Care EMR Now Serving Urgent Care Centers in 48 States

With the opening of Urgent Care Plus, Practice Velocity® now is the EMR of choice for urgent care centers in 48 states. Urgent Care Plus opened its doors to serve patients in Helena, MT in January,...

Humana Supports Urgent Care Centers

Humana is one managed care organization (MCO) that seems to "get it" when it comes to urgent care. On their website, Humana has a page devoted to guiding their members toward urgent care centers when...

Free Market Forces and Urgent Care Centers

An interesting reference to urgent care is found in an essay titled, "In Defense of Consumerism," by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. (Founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Alabama). Consumerism has...


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