Uber Transparent: Sentara Puts Urgent Care Patient Survey Rankings Online

 Dr. Mark Weisman Sentara Healthcare recently published patient survey ratings for its urgent care centers online—becoming the first healthcare system in the country to provide such a level of...

Credit Card Pre-Authorization: A Cure for Patient Collection Woes

Years ago, a patient could present his/her health insurance card for a medical visit and a provider could be almost certain of getting paid for that visit.  Prior to the passage of the 2010 Patient...

How do you code and document a 5-minute visit of an established patient who does not even need to see the doctor?

Not sure how to code a 5-minute visit from an established patient? Here's the answer: 99211 (when appropriate)

How to Manage Urgent Care Patient Wait Time

Consumers are drawn to urgent care because of one thing: time. Alan Ayers takes a look at how to manage urgent care patient wait time in a recent article, "Why Time is of the Essence for Urgent Care...


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