Chartlet: Revolutionizing the Urgent Care EMR

Chartlet is making Practice Velocity’s award-winning—and fast—urgent care EMR even faster. The new one-click charting functionality allows providers to chart the majority of patient visits in about one minute.

Five Charlets, for the highest frequency chief complaints in urgent care, are coming online in VelociDoc. The templates drive quick, accurate documentation while color-coding guides providers using red-to-green workflow tabs.

The Practice Velocity team studied more than 100,000 patient visits before developing the Chartlet feature. That research helped them focus in on the five most common conditions for the initial Chartlet launch. Those chief complaints are: sore throat, sinus congestion, painful urination, cough/chest congestion, and back/muscle pain. More Chartlets will be developed, and the company ultimately expects providers to be able to design their own for the conditions most common to their practice.

“Since the beginning we’ve always had the dream of making the EMR faster than paper,” said David Stern, MD, CEO of Practice Velocity. “And even before Chartlet our clients have told us we were succeeding. Chartlet takes speed to the next level.”

“It’s taken time to make it a reality, but the launch represents a real evolutionary breakthrough in EMR technology and speed,” he said.

Demos of the Chartlet technology were offered at the 2016 Urgent Care Association of America Spring Convention in Orlando.

If you want to learn more, call 888-357-4209 or fill out the form on our demo page.

It’s time to see the latest evolution in urgent care EMR!


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